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Du in french

du in french

To say 'some' or 'any' in French, use: du before a masculine word, eg Je mange du pain le matin (I have [some] bread for breakfast); de la before a feminine. De, Du, De la, Des in French partitif, indefinite article. We call them partitif or indefinite articles. Use du (masculine) or de la (feminine) followed by a singular noun for uncountable quantities. Use des followed by plural for countable ones.

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How to Use French Expressions of Quantities And Partitives Articles (du, de la, de l', etc.) On the next page, there is an exercise on saying some in French which lets you practise using du , de la and des. Some food items are usually referred to as singular, although they are really plural. Course Information FAQ and contact us About Us Press Site Map Affiliate Program Privacy Policy Terms Of Use Gift Vouchers Reviews For Businesses For Schools. Jez' answers misses a crucial point, I'm afraid: Jez 4, 7 42 Bonjour I found this old thread when searching free online casino bonus of 'de' and 'du'. Free online games no download time management more reviews. I want an apple: It's free, quick and easy. I Want to Learn Arabic! This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. I thought I found it helpful until I tested it on the following example which is found on the link you posted previously on about. Prepositions Introduction Basic prepositions Advanced prepositions Compound prepositions 'de' Rare prepositions Prepositions or adverbs? Continue Find out more. Des amis et des amies. Be sure to check your email right away to confirm your subscription:

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Le professeur a de la patience. British Broadcasting Corporation Home Accessibility links Skip to content Skip to local navigation Skip to bbc. The corresponding feminine form is de la , and we use de l' for the masculine when it's followed by a vowel. DES livres Feminine sing. Science, Tech, Math Humanities Arts, Music, Recreation Resources About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use. Firstly, DE and DU are not interchangeable. Je veux des lentilles lentils, as we never say I want one lentil , the same thing with spinach: Elle a des amis formidables she has some great friends. An adjective may change the article: Print French Du, de la, de l', des - 'some' and 'any'. Get downloadable audio lessons, tests and games, our pronunciation-perfecting voice recognition tool and more du in french

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